SBL is an expert audio editing services provider that helps cater to all your varied audio and sound editing project needs at a reasonable cost. Different customer types across various industry sectors have benefited from the audio transcription services offered by our team of experienced digital audio editors.

Our quick, precise, error-free and affordable solutions have provided audio editing to our customers for podcasts, audio books, voice-overs, documentaries, vlogs, videos, animations, advertisements, interviews, and several other multimedia and film applications. We employ the most cutting-edge equipment and methods to deliver state-of-the-art services for accurate, clear and professional audio quality. Our team can process and deliver audio files in any format of your choice, including mp3, wave, real media, iTunes, and windows media.

In addition we offer a wide variety of podcast editing services, such as editing for one-on-one interviews, round tables, panel discussions, narrative fiction and nonfiction, hybrid and multi-host formats, solo commentary, seminars, and workshops.

Our range of audio editing services with cutting edge software and hardware enabled sound rearranging , cleanup such as noise correction, splicing fixing, mixing, effects addition, editing, management, music arrangement and removing all flaws and discrepancies.

We use the newest audio editing techniques and technologies to provide services, including editing meeting recordings, training sessions, and conferences. Additionally, we offer top-notch audio converting services, programme production, voice management, sound effects addition, and music arrangement.

We can successfully carry out various editing tasks thanks to our proficiency in digital editing, including sampling rate conversion, reversing, normalizing, amplifying, echoing, reverberating, and equalizing, among others.


Podcast editing services
Ad jingle creation services
Radio programme editing services
Audio conversion services
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At SBL, we digitise the recordings using cutting-edge microcomputer technology. We utilise the most current audio editing programmes, including Adobe Audition, Digidesign Pro Tools LE, Cubase, Ableton, Samplitude, Audacity, Goldwave, and Sony Sound Forge. As a top provider of audio editing services, we have multiple levels of quality control to guarantee that you always get the best products and services. We only offer our products after confirming that our client’s data is kept completely safe and secure.

With the most up-to-date tools, our skilled audio cutting specialists can competently carry out basic and sophisticated operations on your digital audio editing files, including copy, cut, paste, delete, insert, mute, edit, and trim. Every time, we deliver word-class editing services on time.



SBL offers professional and high sonic quality audio editing services with best editing skills and a high success rate of projects across the globe. Without sacrificing quality, we are dedicated to keeping the cost of our services low.

Contact us today for all your audio editing needs, and we’ll guarantee a stress-free partnership! Please feel free to request a free consultation, sample and quote.


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